Tailwind Associates


Fostering Relationships

Why We Exist

Tailwind believes in the entrepreneurial spirit, the trailblazers that courageously take a risk to make a positive difference.


Tailoring Entrepreneurs for Investment


Tailwind supports and works side-by-side with entrepreneurs to build great companies that can create value and make a positive impact. We integrate into our client companies to provide business development and financial advice, so that the entrepreneur is best positioned to attract investment capital.


Connecting Enterpreneurs with Investors


Great ideas need to be financed. We work proactively with our entrepreneurs and their investors to build strong relationships that will result in innovative ideas being converted to commercial successes.


Mentoring Entrepreneurs for Financial Success

We mentor, instruct, and facilitate business and financial decisions to move the entrepreneur toward success. We free up the entrepreneur to focus on what matters - the innovative idea. In combination, the entrepreneurial company is more attractive to investors.


How We Help

Business plans and strategy development

A robust business plan and strategy will evolve with the company.  It provides clear objectives and a sense of purpose, and will help define the company’s vision, values, and corporate culture.

Financial Services and Analysis

We have significant financial analysis experience. We can assist with identifying working capital risks, whether external sources of capital are required, determine business valuations, assess merger and acquisition opportunities, and identify risks.

investor relations

We support your investor relations function to ensure that you are properly communicating with existing and potential shareholders.  To be successful, companies need to be properly capitalized and a strong investor relations function will reduce your cost of capital.

Corporate Governance

A strong board of directors will be comprised of people with different skill sets that will complement and challenge the organization’s management team. We can help you identify the right board members and prepare board packages for those important meetings.

CONTROLS & accounting services

Strong controls and accounting function will protect the financial integrity of the company. We can help identify strengths and mitigate any potential shortcomings to best position you to effectively manage your company.

exit strategy

We recommend that our clients work toward building a sustainable company that would be wanted by another set of investors.  Let’s build a great company.